Is there a way in Gazebo that will output the rotation matrices directly? I am trying to run the keyboard teleop app for the youbot, utilizing the hydro distro www. Hi I am fairly new to gazebo and ROS indigo. On the other table, objects are not necessarily placed upright — they may be laid down or tilted. So, my question is, whether there exist other solutions to use MoveIt with a 5 Dof arm? The base of box-like objects is 50mm by 50mm. I cannot google for any text shown by your image.

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I obviously needed the root rights i got by adding sudo. No other cylindrical objects are within sight of the Hokuyo from the youBot’s starting position.

Project Definition

As a result of this behavior, always run your code from. To run the example:. V-REP does a pretty good job of simulating the real world.

Hello, I have a youbot running Ubuntu I cannot google for any text shown by your image. Cannot read gripper values.

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Page 1 2 3 4 newer. Only on the following joints: Connect to ROS – Laser is not spinning. See for instance simxSetIntegerSignal. All obstacles are high enough to be detectable with the Hokuyo sensor.


Plugin tutorial: Gazebo starts but not plugin – Gazebo: Q&A Forum

The goal of the project is to program a youBot to put away groceries. I wrote a test publisher to move the joints. No such file or directory. I’m really confused and I don’t know which part exactly I’m doing wrong in However, when I run the python script, I am getting this error: The size of the house is fixed see house.

However, the youBot does not know the layout of the house a priori. Check out the FAQ! Base “youbot-base” could not be initialized. It was the environment variables that hadn’t been set. Then it never goes down on the ground, it continues to move on two wheels really cool indeed!! Every time it prints [W ] and [L ] it is beeping. Can anyone point me to one a table of a way to output the matrices?

The displaylasers signal turns the V-REP laser display on or off. What other options do I have for controlling both gripper joints at the same time? Powered by Askbot version 0. Linking is obviously the camnot.


I want to add a camera on the Youbot so that I can track road lanes and do lane keeping which I’m doing for a senior design project. I have copied the ykubot from steps and successfully built it using cmake and make, but when I run the scene using.

I run the simulation by typing roscore at the terminal.

For instance, one basket could be placed cannpt to a bike garageor next to a computer office. Groceries are waiting in the hall.

I’m trying to do the forward kinematics for a KUKA youbot and am looking for a table of the D-H parameters so that I can calculate the rotation matrices.