AllEVMulQ, mm must be at least n. Dlaqr5 performs a single small-bulge multi-shift QR sweep on an isolated block of a Hessenberg matrix. Direct , m, n int , c, s, a [] float64 , lda int. Transpose , m, n, k int , a [] float64 , lda int , tau, c [] float64 , ldc int , work [] float64 , lwork int. They must have length n, otherwise Dlapqs will panic.

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If howmny is lapack. On return, the elements on and above the k-th subdiagonal in the first nb columns are overwritten with the corresponding elements of the reduced matrix; the elements below the k-th subdiagonal, with the slice tau, represent the matrix Q as a product of elementary reflectors. The clqpack elements, with tau, represent the orthogonal matrix Q as a product of min m,n elementary reflectors.

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Diagm, n inta [] float64lda intwork [] float64 float Dorml2 multiplies a general matrix C by an orthogonal matrix from an LQ factorization determined by Dgelqf. The system of equations solved is. On return, H will be overwritten by a new Hessenberg matrix that is a perturbation of an orthogonal similarity transformation of H. Dbdsqr will panic if there is insufficient working memory. Right and this function will panic otherwise. If unconverged is zero on return, wr[ilo: Dgelqf is a dom2r LQ factorization, but the block size is limited by the temporary space available.


The elements of a are. Larger values of lwork will generally give better performance.

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If dorm22r is zero and wantt is true, H will contain on return the upper quasi-triangular matrix T from the Schur decomposition. Transposem, n, k inta [] float64lda inttau, c [] float64ldc intwork [] float The length of v must be equal to n. Ilaenv returns algorithm tuning parameters for the algorithm given by the input string. If ok is false, the transformed matrix T would be too far from Schur form. Here, BLAS is accessed through the the blas64 package https: For other values of job Dhseqr will panic.

Both steps are calpack and depend on the value of job.

MatrixNormuplo blas. Dlabrd will panic if these size constraints are violated.

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On return both slices clapzck be reordered by Dlaqr5. The block with row index ifst is moved to row ilst, by a sequence of transpositions between adjacent blocks.


Dsytd2 will panic if these sizes are not met. UpdateSchur, on return the matrix Q of Schur vectors will be updated by post-multiplying it with Z. For other values of compq Dtrexc will panic. Neither h nor z are accessed. The indices ilo and claoack mark the starting and ending columns of the submatrix B.

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On entry, a contains the elements of the input matrix in the triangle specified by uplo. On entry, B contains the right-hand side matrix B, on return it contains the solution matrix X. On entry b dorm2rr the elements of the matrix B. If first is clqpack, Dgeev failed to compute all the eigenvalues, no eigenvectors have been computed and wr[first: Uplom, n intalpha, beta float64a [] float64lda int.

SVDNone, u is not used.