Right clicking on my device in Device Manager, and selecting Properties, then the Details tab, then click the Properties item at top, and selecting Device instance path, my device shows: Thanks in advance Regards. My computer crashed twice and the editing files on Arcsoft disappeared. Easier Cap DC usbtv on Wimdows I would like your help, if you can. I have mine working in i.

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I would like your help, if you can. Share finished projects on DVD, tape, the web, and mobile devices. Video is OK, but no luck with the audio. The OEM driver available from Windows is a very recent addition but lacks support for the majority of these variants. Visser, which one of the links goes to this copy?

EasyCAP drivers for Windows 8, and 10 | Visser I/O

I tried work with it, but the picture is always vibrating. This resource was prepared and is maintained to help those who are still running into issues. Glad to serve you! At all may it a driver problem?


He is a lifelong computer geek and loves everything related to computers, software, and new technology. Yes, let us know Paul. Thank you so much for easycapp002 article. Hi Heli, the problem from the beginning is that the Windows drivers for EasyCap devices were tailored for each variant by the manufacturer and only distributed on the CD packaged with the device.


I change with a new one and now I started to convert my video again perfectly. Between each driver install restart your computer and try again. Are you using Windows 8.

The new software helps novice users add polish to their film clips in a few seconds. Thanks in advance Regards. Setting up the device failed to make it work.

I would love to hear how you got yours to work. Even when it works it has a poor dynamic range and lots of distortion. All of this positive feedback stops when you connect it to a Windows machine — XP, 7, 8, 8.

There are a number of linux programs that can be used but most of them run from the command line. First of all, thanks to visser for the article… i made my EasyCap work on Windows 8. Thanks for the help, anyway! I used the STK or syntek driver for mine. However, I got aesycap002 same yellow exclamation mark once I plugged the EasyCap.


Easyacp002 a ton for hosting these drivers You are helping a lot of people: So try to record even if you have not sound and check. The cd I received easycap0022 nothing to do with the installation.

Juste wdc wdbevsust0 petite remarque: Perhaps we might start noting what hardware IDs work with the various drivers on the master list?? This is the hardware ID: High-speed rendering and real-time performance mean less time waiting and more time creating. Is there anyway I can get the serial number without having to buy a whole new set of the easycap as I do not want 2 systems.