Type this into the shell Code: I really need sound because of Skype. Sound worked fine all day. I recently upgraded to Ubuntu 9. What is the notebook that you have? Don’t go to Windows yet. I fixed this by removing linux-alsa-driver-modules- version -generic, and installing the latest version of linux-backports-modules-alsa-lucid-generic.

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Emachines E642 Free Driver Download

I have tried purging the drivers like in this guide but without results. Sound cards recognized by ALSA, and activated: I have to turn the volume knob on my pre-amp way beyond the halfway mark before I can even hear the slightest bit of sound. Do you have PCM turned all the way up? I just feel I’m back to hardy heron after all these years: The mainboard has HDA and the modem driver interferes with the sound driver.

Compaq Vtaa Akl Cql Driver Download

After restart you should have sound from your internal MB audio. I plugged it in and ubuntu instantly recognised it. But since your MB has inboard audio as well linux loads that and wil not load he old ones.


Somebody help please I have 5 days without sound and this is my thread: Compiled on Apr 29 for kernel 2. I’ve been having troubles over enabling audio on my Compaq Vtaa Akl Cql 2.

I’ll be grateful for any help anyone can offer.

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My last plan is to run some recovery software, find that and restore it. I will post a request for specific help in a separate thread, but I thought that so long as the page s “behind” the help aren’t working, then neither is the post. It appears this happens frequently – system sound works fine, web browsers no sound. This happens if you have tried 0. At the moment, I do not know if any further configuration is necessary.

I still have no sound. I have a distorted max sound issue in my laptop and it starts from the startup sound to any sound related application i use.

I tried every fix that I could find, but removing and reinstalling the linux-sound-base packages finally worked. My hope is to someday remove Windows and Linux exclusively. All the controls are keyboard based, i. This wasn’t the case in previous releases. How putting this in a wiki, so that it can be made comprehensive and expanded with all possible debug cases that people run into on differnt systems, and add links from each “success” or “failure” result to the relevant section?


But alsamixer is what solved the problem for me. Step 4 of Comprehensive Thankfully, due to another thread in the Beginners Forum which I can’t findI came across a solution: It took me three days and a bunch ethrenet false starts and nearly a desperation clean install before I found this guide. I got this far The 12 ethhernet listed did not seem to be related to sound, but were listed as security updates so I installed them. I solved the problem by installing the following package: Reasons for your score: Now I know what pcm is, I guess.