Nutdriver set in a plastic deposit. While I have threaded many things over the years, I failed at this one. Blade big star nuts 6 p. Blade star nuts 6 pcs. Blade ornamental screws 3,6 mm for 00 2pcs. I intend to try again.

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Hex Nut Wrench Black Handle

Nutdriver hexagon small 2. I’ll just add the die to my collection of other sizes.

Blade hex for cap nuts 2,3 mm. The threaded rod is 12 inches long, so you can cut it down for your project.

Unfortunately McMaster Carr doesn’t sell screws or nuts that go down this small. If anyone finds a source for longer screws, please share. I think it was because the metal was too soft, and the tiny beginning threads torn off rather than helping to feed the die further down the rod.

I haven’t given up yet.

I am building a TinyDuino stack that is currently 5 boards tall. The plastic clevis ends that come with them are easily cut down with an exacto knife into 3mm high hold down screws for those threaded ends. Any suggestions on where I should look or alternate ways of mounting these?


OptiCar Nut driver set I think it would go better with an appropriate gauge steel rod instead of brass. Nutdriver set, 5 pieces. I intend to try again. Hez nut nkt set in a rotary deposit.

I’ll have to look for a source for that. Blade star nuts 6 pcs. And I think I might have found one. Nutdriver 6 stars 2. Nutdriver 6 star 2.

Profi nut driver set in a plastic stand. I said I was going to try threading my own rod in my post on Jan.

Nut & Washer Dims

The screws that come with the tinyduino are nutt small to accommodate this – I need something at least 2. Wing blade nutdriver hex 2. So its a workable solution, but probably not as elegant as just ordering those brass rods which I also ordered from http: Blade star nuts 4 p.

Nutdriver set in a plastic deposit. I ordered some threaded rod and nuts from JI Morris http: After measuring the diameter of the provided screws, 0. I have some on order now, and will let you know if they work.


A 2.2mmm of places had threaded rod in that thread size, but their prices were too high for a hobbyist, in my opinion.

Nutdriver set rotary deposit. I have been bending the rods into an angular “U” shape, and threading them up through a nuh platform, so that the two threaded ends are at the non-stack connector side of the boards. Blade hex socket star type 2,0 mm for 00 2pcs.