Leave a comment Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. I have replicated it successfully. This is the picture that Jim Dearden posted in the thread that I want to follow. My other projects took away a lot of time, so I decided to give it to a friend of mine to do the coding. Tube socket SKon board for Nixie Tubes: Jim also talked about adding 4 bit latches between the arduino and the driver. Sign up or log in Sign up using Google.

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This one I got from Jan: Moreover I have a good control with the tube whether the test- IC really works.

Driving a Nixie with a BCD Decoder | Kevin – Main

When the yellow LED lights up, it’s a good The clock line that you talk about, I need 4 different ones so you send data through the different lines to control the four nixies. The V plus tube and resistors with the voltage dividers make it possible to detect a too high leakage current in case the IC is defective.

If you want to use I2C on Arduino, go for it. Thank you for the help. So you’ll probably need three 4×16 decoders. Just search for “Arduino I2C” there is lots of information.


Thank you for you time: The button inxie switches between the different test modes I’ll explain later and finally the 3 LEDs show the test results. Or does the driver correct this in some way?

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NIXIE I, NIXIE clock using six ZM tubes.

Nixie Driver Refine Results. By clicking Okay, you are consenting for us to set cookies. The nixie tubes are marked Made in U. All nixies are new not used and tested for each digit. The ones I have I will 7441 for my next projects.

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For Nixie tubes, you need a V power supply. You would send 2 bits to the address lines, then 1 clock pulse to the appropriate enable line. So could I “buss” 2 different chips so the clock use 4 io connectors then to drive all 4 digits?

Or is your input voltage perhaps higher than what the Arduino can handle?

Nixie Driver

The ATmega is totally cool!!! Have you considered how display multiplexing works?

On a rising edge, the data is grabbed, stored, and presented to the associated If you know how a decoder works, then you can program it to activate particular spots in the decoder to get a particular output that you 74114.


All pics below are of the actual item for sale.

Yes but it’s much more niixe for me. When you have, for instance, the data for the 2nd digit available, you drive a pulse to the second In the plate circuit of each indicator is set current-limiting resi To create a Nixie clock you either go with the much older technology Also, since there are 10 pins per tube, you don’t need four ICs.

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How to control a Nixie Tube with Arduino

Have you not looked at the directions? Browse Related Browse Related. A well, 4 of them can be used, and will require 4 extra io lines, and one per register.