With a HSF installed, this fan is in direct proximity to an extremely high source of heat. Being on top of their game, ABIT had quite a habit of generating hype as well. While the 3rd Eye doesn’t look bad and does serve a good purpose it does feel a little cheap and like we mentioned on the previous page the lack of back light is quite disappointing as it would of made reading the device at night or in low light a lot easier. While considered old school, ABIT remains as one of the top motherboard manufacturers and is still a household name for enthusiast oriented motherboards. However, not everything they introduced was as well received by the industry. When one has a conversation revolving around the top motherboards available, several models from ABIT are bound to be a part of the discussion. In addition, ABIT was also responsible for a string of technological firsts making them no stranger to innovation and adoption of industry leading technologies.

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Intel 925X Roundup: Creative Engineering 101

Features and Layout Foxconn A Motherboards Previous page Next page. Along the right side are two capacitors that may impede custom HSF or waterblock installation.

Realtek says that their 7. The North Bridge chip Intel X Express is thermally protected by an active aluminum heat sink and fan. While considered old school, ABIT remains as one of the top motherboard manufacturers and is still a household name for enthusiast oriented motherboards.

Abit has added a pretty hefty heatsink with a side-blowing fan to the northbridge to handle the voltage range that they have built into the AA8. DDR2 voltage can be adjusted from 1.


Abit’s AA8 DuraMax motherboard

All trademarks used are properties of their respective owners. We like the idea of edge connectors, but some case designs make it very difficult to connect the edge-connectors. Voldenuit It’s nice of Krogoth to fill in for Chuckula over the holidays. About us Privacy policy Mailing list Mobile. ABIT has remained a mainstay of the DIY crowd and overclocker community who regularly expands the performance envelope. The Abit trademark 2-digit diagnostic LEDs are also found on avit AA8, and we have found that they can be very useful for troubleshooting.

Below that is the room temperature which a lot of people would find useful when overclocking as it is useful to know ambient temperate as opposed to case.

Abit’s AA8 DuraMax motherboard – The Tech Report – Page 1

Post Your Comment Please log in or sign up to comment. Creative Engineering by Wesley Fink on August 12, Abit uses a flat edge connector for the single IDE connection provided by the X abih. As you can see, the LGA socket features the new layout with the pins on the socket land-grid-array versus on the chip itself.

The AA8 DuraMAX comes protected in a black box with blue accents along with a shadowy figure shrouded in a hooded cloak pointing out the uGuru potential of the motherboard nestled inside. This design is much easier to install and de-install than the previous P4 standard cage.

I like this design over the previous ZIF socket, but take note to be careful as the pins on the socket are sensitive to bending and this could result in a non-functioning board. Sign up now Username Password Remember Me.


Log in Don’t have an account? Please visit HWZ for the latest reviews and news. This is reflected in the feature set, but the Ahit was also designed to sell at a rational price point compared to other X boards.

Not only that, but the board is fast, stable, and robust enough to handle some abuse. With this said though we didn’t have much luck overclocking as we are still currently running on stock cooling and a non engineering sample processor which allows for multiplier adjustments. Keep reading to find out more. This will still support power supplies with the typical pin connector, but be sure to note proper orientation during installation.

Inside the box are the motherboard and a few included pieces aimed at getting the product installed and operating.

The most recent chipsets for Intel, of course, are the and X Express series, which we reviewed not xata ago. One feature which stands out on the motherboards at first glance is the funky new blue Northbridge cooler.

The way it’s designed is that it pushes the air over the top of the Northbridge chip and moves down to cool the Southbridge. Let’s have a look at the packaging contents and technical specifications before ablt continue with the rest of the review.