Compliance is mandatory for products marketed in the United States. Removing a Memory Card: Be careful not to rub or scrape the Notebook PC surfaces. Actual location will vary by model. These batteries contain metallic lithium, or a lithium alloy, or a lithium ion, and may consist of a single electrochemical cell or two or more cells connected in series, parallel, or both, that convert chemical energy into electrical energy by an irreversible or reversible chemical reaction. Check local regulations for disposal of electronic products.

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A Limitation of Liability Battery problem; please check the battery contacts, otherwise visit a local service center for repair. Operation is subject to the following two conditions: Seek servicing if the casing has been damaged.

Continued use may result in data loss.

Locking the touchpad will prevent you from accidentally moving the pointer while typing and is best used with an external pointing device such as a mouse. If resetting is desired, shipping and resetting costs will be at the expense of the user.

When you resume your work, your last status such as a document scrolled down half way or email typed half way will reappear as if you never left. Hail to the King!


17.3” high-performance gaming laptop with Full HD

The battery pack size varies depending on model. If connecting two computers together without a hub in between, a crossover LAN cable is required Fast-Ethernet model. Aeus G74SX is great for gaming, but its hardware is serious business. Official thread on drivers: The paired relationship is successfully built. After a connection has been established, the connection is shown on the list.

How to Download ASUS ATK0100 ACPI Drivers

If any critical hard disk drive warning is given during bootup, backup your data immediately and run Windows disk checking program. DO NOT use damaged power cords, accessories, or other peripherals. Only purchase hard disk drives from authorized retailers of this Notebook PC to ensure maximum compatibility and reliability. Do not place together with small items that may scratch or enter the Notebook PC.

ROG G74SX | ROG – Republic Of Gamers | ASUS Global

The world of portable gaming has a new reigning king. Sostituire la batteria con un una di tipo uguale o equivalente gg74sx dalla fabbrica. You may also make use of Bluetooth-enabled wireless keyboard or mouse.


Display Panel The display panel functions the same as a desktop monitor. Power supplied through this jack supplies power to the Notebook PC and charges the internal battery pack. If not properly cared for, it can be easily damaged.

The selected item will change color.

Vibration is normal for all high-speed optical drives due to unbalanced CDs or CD print. Battery time varies by usage and by the specifications for this Notebook PC. Self Monitoring and Reporting Wtk0100 to detect hard disk errors or failures before they happen. The light flashes proportional to the access time.

The problem may also be caused by some viruses, use anti-virus software to detect them. Because RAM is volatile, it requires power to keep refresh the data. Sun Down Icon F5: It g74x highly recommended to install the Chipset driver first. Type in a password and press [Enter].