New improved U-Disk function. Nevertheless, it does have a cheat function, auto-trimming. For regular GBA homebrew, as long as it’s in the. Backward compatible to older Flash Cards. Just copy the up The Extreme Flash Advance is one of the newer carts on the market, and it is coming out from a brand new company.

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I remember having to download the software online as it did not come with a cd. Is this the card or the cable?

I lost the stupid 3″ long cable that came with the card and am looking for a compatible replacement. The original cable was silver and looked very shielded. Ordered it from a German company close to Linkfr so I could just drive over and pick it up to save on shipping and so I can support a local German vendor.

You can then click on “Newsletter Settings” to customize your daily digest experience. Yes, my password is: Though this lack of experience may scare some peoples, the cart actually proves to be quite good.


EFA-Linker II Manual

Search titles only Posted by Member: As it stands I have to boot into a virtual windows XP machine to get it to read, which is a bit of a pain to say the least. Will this cable work?

On the GBA, the boot menu shows a list of flashed games, the title and version number era the boot menu, the www. No bandwagon or direct reply posts. WhatsApp is popular with users around the world. Do you know who I am?


What can I say? Could you please be more informative?!

EFA II does not need any external writer bridge. It takes about seconds to flash Mb, which is blazing fast.

Follow up question is case anyone knows: As comparison, the second fastest cart, the EZFA, takes about seconds. There are literalry thousands of free games and demos that you can play with any one of i flash linker sets.

I have just seen that the link provided for the cable also provides the drivers. I don’t want to risk getting another faulty cable though, I wonder if other manufacturers make this type of cable. Only GBA for the time being?


EFA Linker II Review

Read about them now! How to Transfer WhatsApp messages Strange, but again I think I need to further test it. Multicarts with roms in 1. Then I ran the ROM and it worked perfectly, including save and restore. Originally Posted by Fireelf It was efa-linke plenty less back then.

It pretty much works in one of two ways: The Extreme Flash Advance is one of the newer carts on the market, and it is coming out from a brand new company. The cart also has very good battery power consummation, comparable with the EZ2 PowerStar.