You would only want to include this module in classes that are indeed page objects. Please update the gem and let me know if the problem still exists. Feby George, You are right about the topic of my book. Could you please clarify? Hi Cheezy, I am not able to run rails s on command prompt, it gives me an error, rails is not recognized as an internal or external command, operable program or batch file.

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Are you sure the testgen gem installed properly?

⚓ T Selenium tests broken on Ruby

Given I am signed in as user1 My step would be: Hello, Enjoying the book so far. What did I do? Enable Prot ected Mode must be set to the same value enabled or disabled for all zones.

Watir-webdriver is watir-webdriveer Gem that is built on top of the Selenium Webdriver implementation. The problem with this type of software is it often relies on screen coordinates and propriety, limited scripting languages. Line 3 starts giving updxte to that newly launched browser window.


We also tended to run into issues with the tests being brittle due to timing issues. How many threads are possible before stability becomes an issue? As an example I have tried to run. This book is full of hands-on programming exercises and I strongly suggest you do them all.

Diving into Watir

I just want to thank you for writing this blog, your book and building the gems! I tried to install ffi v1. Thanks for the help! I hope this watir-sebdriver makes sense.

With Watir-ewbdriver Web Driver, it errors like: Hi, I just love your book after completing 4 chapters. Keep the feedback coming. This will illustrate some of the Watir basics, and show that the browser can actually do something. It assumes you have very little programming background. The error I get is. I would like to be able to click on links and buttons in the flash element similar to how I interact with a browser application.

So if we just cared about any old button, this test would be fine. Hi Cheezy, Thanks so much for this book, has saved me countless hours on trying to create a framework using the page object model.


PageObject does not uodate with Flash because selenium-webdriver and watir-webdriver do not work with Flash. Did you add the additional gems to your Gemfile and then run bundle update? Take your graphics card.

Let me know if this works. I am not understanding this block of code. I think he has some experience with Flash and Cucumber. My goal is to help you see and understand the benefits of ATDD and learn how to use Cucumber and Ruby to adopt and help us refine! I am trying to develop a suite of acceptance tests for a legacy.

I understand that this might be a known issue. Downloads The puppy application used in the book can be downloaded from here. It has greatly helped me achieve QA goals I was assigned.