You will then be in the Address Book. September 17th, Category: In addition, provision and support of download ended on September 30, Check that the SMB server has been registered. I also checked the Main box. Add a check mark to [Share this folder] and click [Permissions].

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Then in the Name field enter in a name for the Icon on the copier. Konicx target drivers, etc. Windows 10 Fall Creators Update Information. The machine and the SMB server Windows computer are connected to the network.

How to setup SMB scanning on the Konica Minolta Bizhub copier to scan to a Windows Share

In order for it to pass authentication to the share, it appends the username with the Workgroup from the Print Settings section. Koniva will then be in the Address Book.

Login to the device using a web browser. Using a packet capture tool, I was able to see why it was not working and able to resolve.

Home Utilize useful functions Scanner: I reviewed the manual which provided basic information but after following it, I could not get the scanner to save the scanned document on the server. We will need that info later. Now click on the Store Address Tab. Login user name of the SMB server Windows computer Set the user name specified in step 8 of “Creating a shared folder on the Windows desktop.


As of September 30,we discontinued dealing with Copy Protection Utility on our new products. Set the image quality, resolution and other items. The security access permission window is displayed. To give access permission to a specific group or user, click [Add] and add the group or user. sacnner

Using TWAIN Scan

To permit accessors konicz delete a file, add a check mark to [Full control]. Windows 10 Support Information. For details about each item on the screen, refer to Scan Settings Screen. The Advanced Sharing window is displayed. The folder access permission window is displayed. Select Login as Administrator.

Windows Server Support Information. Only NTLMv2 is supported. As a substitute for Copy Protection Scaner, on PageScope Web Connection which is installed standardly in multi-function printers, you can use the same function copy protection and registration of stamp information.

You can of course select a number which is relative to where you want the icon to appear on the copier, with 1 being the first or highest number.


Scanner: Using Scan to SMB with Windows Shared Folder

Then type in the password for the user account, and click OK. We contacted the copier company and the information they provided did not resolve the issue.

The following information is necessary to register the destination SMB server shared folder to the machine.

If the computer name or domain name is unknown, check it in the following procedure. There you have it!

Register the destination SMB server to the machine on the touch panel of the main body. You can share data easily without configuring a full-scale FTP server. Write down the following items. On the touch panel of the main body, press [SCAN].