All static properties and methods of all classes are thread safe. It is a separate tutorial because it covers quite a lot of material. You refer to these instances using the static Value property of each class: To override other settings, call CreateDatabaseSettings and change any settings you want before calling GetDatabase , like this:. To connect to multiple servers, specify the seed list by providing multiple hostnames and port numbers if required separated by commas. Core which in turn has a dependency on MongoDB.

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All the constructors with a parameter call the matching Add method. Instances of MongoCursor are not thread safe, at least not until they are frozen see below.

He currently works with Field Intelligence were he helps build logistic and supply chain apps. Add student1 ; newStudents. Value are two different things. To create and initialize a BsonArray with multiple values use any of the following approaches: Has a dependency on Driver. The full documentation for connection strings can be found at Connection String and read preferences at http: NET values wherever a BsonValue is expected, and the.

MongoDB makes no particular guarantees about whether it supports documents with duplicate names, cshapr be cautious csharo sending any such documents you construct to the server. It is not recommended that you allow duplicate names, and this option exists only to allow handling existing BSON documents that might have duplicate names.


If you want to install the C Driver on your machine you can use the setup program see above for download instructions. While arrays happen to be represented externally as BSON documents with a special naming convention for the elementsthe BsonArray class is unrelated to the BsonDocument class because they are used very differently.

The query parameter is of type IMongoQuery. Implicit conversions allow you to use primitive. Most of the database settings are inherited from the server object, and the provided overloads of GetDatabase let you override a few of the most commonly used settings.

The important classes of the BSON object model are: Implicit conversions are defined from the following.

MongoDB CSharp Driver

To connect to multiple servers, specify the seed list by providing multiple hostnames and port numbers if required separated by commas.

The difference is that Save sends the entire document back to the server, but Update sends just the changes. You can read about it on the security and authentication docs page. Should the connection mode resolve to a replica set, the driver will find the primary server even if it is not in the seed list, vsharp long as at least one of the servers in the seed list responds the response will contain the full replica cshrap and the name of the current primary.

Working with MongoDB in .NET (Part 1): Driver Basics & Inserting Documents

The C Driver consists of two libraries: Because specifying multiple servers is ambiguous as to whether or not it is a replica set or multiple mongos in a sharded setupthe driver will go through a discovery phase of connecting to the servers to determine their type. EQ is using the Query builder class to help you build czharp query. There are three NuGet packages needed, and they are:.


This method returns an object representing a collection in a database. They can also return null which a constructor cannot which is useful for handling optional elements when creating BsonDocuments using functional construction.

Net classes for them.

You may also be interested in the C Driver Serialization Tutorial. RequestStart increments a counter for this thread which is decremented upon completion.

Getting Started with the CSharp Driver — MongoDB Manual

So let’s go ahead and fetch a database called school for which we’ll work with: Here are some more: I’ll be working with a console project for this tutorial.

Normally there will be only one instance of this class per database, unless you are using different settings to access the same database, in which case there will be one instance for each set of settings.

Net applications using the CRUD functions available from the. Support for SSL is baked into the driver.